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Most of the patients had to go to foreign countries for operation of various diseases of kidney which needed the help of latest technology. These operations are being done at Insaf Barakah Kidney and General Hospital since about 15 (fifteen) years at a cheaper cost, without any botheration. It has earned the very name & fame in removing the stones from kidney, gall-bladder and treatment of prostate gland with the help of latest technology, without going for open surgery. Any types of problems of urinary tract or diseases of testis due to any accident etc. are treated here with the help of latest medical technology. It has the latest equipments and facilities for treatment of kidney stone, prostate and problems of babies at birth, without going for open surgery, such as: Removal of Kidney & Urinary Tract stone by laser (LASER). Removal of kidney stones by Modern equipment (PCNL). Removal of ureteric stones with the help of Telescope (URS & ICPL) Operation of prostate gland by equipment (TURIs, TURP) Removal of Tumour of Urinary bladder by equipments (TURBT) Treatment of urinary tract obstruction of Pediatric patient (Fulguration) Operation of blocked urinary tract (IOU) Most of the modern treatment and facilities are available here. So, open operations are avoided. Risk of anesthesia is also less and in most of the cases, full anesthesia is not required at all. Patients are not required to stay in the hospital for long and that they can resume their normal duties soon.