A few doctors and social workers collectively established “Insaf diagnostic & consultation centre” at New Eskaton in Dhaka in the year 1997 with its sole objective and vision of “High tech service at Reasonable cost.” They also established a specialized Kidney Hospital in 1999, namely “The Barakah Kidney Hospital and Research Institute Ltd.” with the same objective & vision. They merged these two institutions in 2012 and shifted their hospital in their own building at Mogbazar, Dhaka with the name “Insaf Barakah Kidney & General Hospital Ltd”. It has added a new dimension in the private medical sector of Bangladesh by virtue of their uninterrupted development effort. The experienced doctors of this hospital have been applying latest technology for the treatment of gall-bladder, Kidney stone, prostate gland & urinary tract problem of babies without going for surgery. Thus it has gained the confidence of the common people and could place the hospital as ‘Number-1’ in the country. A part from cheaper diagnostic cost, it has the necessary facilities for Endoscopic surgery of Kidney, Laparoscopic surgery, general surgery, medicine, gynae, orthopedics, child diseases etc. and has the ‘one stop’ service like general hospital. It has the ultra-modern equipments and skilled man power for treatment of very serious patients in ICU and HDU wards.