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NEPHROLOGY (Kidney Medicine)

Kidney becomes gradually inoperative due to ignorance or negligency for long time. If the problem is detected duly and treatment can be started immediately, the patient can be cured completely. If the kidney becomes inoperative all of a sudden, they can also be cured completely by proper treatment. The patients having the following symptoms are treated in this department:- Inflammation of leg and eyelid. Lack of appetite and vomiting tendency. Needed to go to the Urinal frequently at night. High Blood pressure. Pain in both sides of waist. Burning sensation during passing of urine, red color of urine, Foamy urine. Quantity of urine being less or complete stoppage of urine. The conditions which are very risky for Kidney disease: Diabetics Nephritises High Blood pressure Smoking Urine infection Excess body weight Taking painkiller or antibiotic regularly Passing albumin with urine Stone in Kidney Obstruction of Kidney tract at anywhere.